BP gasoline with Invigorate® including BP Ultimate®

the Only Guarantee in Town at WADE's BP Autocenter

All three grades of BP gasoline with Invigorate® including Wades BP Ultimate® contains BP's unique, proprietary gasoline additive that, with continuous use, helps clean and protect critical engine parts from harmful deposits so it can help you go a little farther between fill-ups than a car that continuously uses low detergent gasoline. It is also formulated to help protect against sludge and corrosion.

Each and every grade of Wades BP gasoline contains Invigorate®, so when you're at the pump, you'll have your choice of BP Regular with Invigorate®, BP Silver with extra Invigorate® and Wades BP Ultimate® with maximum Invigorate®.

BP's proprietary additive and is found only in BP gasoline.

BP guarantees all of its fuel products, including BP gasoline with Invigorate®. In the unlikely event that you experience fuel-system trouble due to the use of  BP Ultimate® with Invigorate®, BP Silver (mid-grade), BP Regular or BP Diesel®, we'll reimburse you for the repairs. Simply call us at 651-257-2476 to report the problem. You'll also need to provide your fuel receipt and mechanic's repair bill. We'll review your claim, and any  BP fuel-related repairs will be reimbursed to you.

Better MPG
All grades of BP gasoline including including  BP Ultimate® have a unique formula that, when
used continuously, helps clean away harmful engine deposits and helps protect critical engine parts. And since a clean engine runs more efficiently, BP gasoline with Invigorate® can restore some of the fuel economy lost to a dirty engine, meaning you get a few more miles per tank.

BP Ultimate® with Invigorate® can help clean and protect your engine from harmful deposits. It is also formulated to help protect against sludge and corrosion. Engine cleanup begins with the first tank, and with its greater cleaning power, after using  BP Ultimate® with Invigorate®, you can begin to see mileage benefits in as few as five tank fills. And for cars that can benefit from higher octane,  BP Ultimate® with Invigorate® delivers more power and quicker acceleration compared to regular gasoline.